you have a lot going on in your life

You bought a home, advanced in your career, or started a family.
Along the way comes the unexpected - surprises, accidents, and losses.  
Whether positive or painful, life is constantly changing, and I am here to help you cope.

I help people evolve from change and challenge

Difficulties do not have to define you, and instead present opportunities for growth.
By finding your center, you can work toward unlocking your fullest potential.  
We can work one on one, or with your partner or family to support your goals.

Life is full of questions; here you will find answers  

You will be able to talk and share without judgment.  We will explore tools of mindfulness and self-care. 
I will help you develop perspective so you can be present and positive no matter what comes your way.
The best version of yourself is waiting.  It is time to take the next step.